If you prefer the feel of organic material rather than metal in jewelry designs, then this post is for you! First up is the wooden pendant or key chain tutorial by Little Blue Boo. She takes us through the image transfer process which will make every piece unique. Small pre-cut shapes can be purchased if woodcraft is not your thing.

It's a great unisex look. If you are making this for someone who is metal allergic, omit the jump ring and thread the suede or cord through the hole and then make it into a sliding knot necklace. Via

Also on the lines of image transfer is the photographic art on coffee wood tutorial by CostaRica Coffee Art (Update : link is no longer available). The author says you can use any type of wood but you do need a special kind of light sensitive liquid silver emulsion. It's an intriguing process.

Another easy way to make wooden pendants is the classic scrabble tile pendant. The wood is already uniformly shaped!  This excellent tutorial shared on Makes and Takes is by Mark and Stefani of Home Studios .

A variation of the scrabble tile is to use photos instead as shown in Twiddle Thumb's photo pendant tutorial.

I thought Regina over at the Creative Kismet blog had a wonderful idea! She  uses round or square wooden bits to create her Halloween themed pendants. The wooden pieces for making clocks became the foundation of her unique hand drawn on print designs.

However if you just love the beauty of different wood grains and have some basic woodworking skills try Chrsyn's wood pendant tutorial on Instructables. You can make some really lovely pieces. Staining the wood using different shades is also another variation. The glue on bails would the same type as used in scrabble tile pendants.

If you are lucky enough to live near the sea and enjoy beachcombing, then rustic driftwood pendants are also possibilities. The wood is free!  This driftwood pendant tutorial is by C.S. Alexis. Make sure you pick solid wood - not soft and crumbly pieces which will not withstand the hole drilling. The author recommends either painting or use a wood burning decorative technique.

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