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"Just for Me" jewelry creations

Do you find yourself reserving a lovely pendant or string of gemstones just for yourself? Sometimes those pieces just call out your name! That's the way it was for Debbie (my friend and co-instructor) who couldn't part with this large labradorite gemstone focal. I managed to catch some flashes of blue on the left side of the oval gemstone in this photo.

She used arrow head hematite (hemalyke) beads in opposing directions to capture round garnet beads. She also had hematite circles too.  Garnet chips finished off the necklace. Earrings to match were also in order. Debbie used special sterling silver garnet head pins she saved just for her!

Beader design # : 602-603

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  1. I don't know if you received my comment just posted through Feedburner, but I am astounded that you would promote such an offensive and nasty website as Regretsy. What can you be thinking? I thought that this Journal was about making beautiful jewelry and showing jewelry makers gorgeous designs. Regretsy is just about the most offensive site I've seen in a long time. For example, in the section named, "Jew" (note: not "Jewish") there is a statement that says, "And we know how much Jews like free things"! Why in the world would you support these people? Satirical, perhaps. But absolutely nothing to do with jewelry. There are only a few items under the "Jewelry" category, so what was the point? Please get back to jewelry itself, OK?

  2. Beautiful jewelry Pearl! I see why your friend Debbie couldn't bear to part with it. The arrowhead beads really set off the garnets and those silver garnet headpins are to die for!

  3. Perhaps I shouldn't respond to anonymous comments but I do wish to acknowledge not everyone likes Regretsy. Etsy has no problem with Regretsy so long as the latter clearly has no affiliation with the former.

    This blog is about inspiration and design. What constitutes as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I respect the Etsians (and all the featured artisans on this blog who make far out jewelry) who create the edgier pieces perhaps fewer people like. They are free to create whatever they want as is for April to write what she thought. It's critique with humor - and I stress there are many types of humor - and perhaps shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    Sure, I wouldn't wear moose poop jewelry but it does illustrate a point - anything can be made into jewelry.

  4. PS Anonymous - April's last name is Winchell which happens to be a Jewish name. So she poked fun at herself. So lighten up!


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