Marine Biology
Part 1 of 2

I made this necklace for a friend some years ago. The large soft pink shells were challenging to use as they are oddly shaped.  But I think I succeeded for my friend was very pleased with it. I teamed the large shells with grey mother of pearl ovals and smaller pink shells as well as small hematite rondelles.

It really bugged me for a long time not knowing what the shells were. You know, species. I am after all a scientist and am curious about those things.

I tried looking through shell reference books and checked internet sites but I was not really certain as the shells have been cut lengthwise.

Fortunately, while looking for how-tos, I stumbled upon ArtBeads's Tropical Vacation Necklace tutorial and learned what they are - luhuanus shells.These are shells of a type of sea snail called the Strawberry conch or Strombus luhuanus. Its popular name is due to the warm colors - reddish, pinkish and orangish hues. What I like about these shells is the inner lip which has a black or dark brown border.

The designer of the Art Beads tutorial grouped even more of the shells together in the front as you can see below. The close up picture shows how lovely they are.

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