Recently, someone from Etsy emailed me a question. She didn`t have any idea how to promote her store. New online stores like new blogs are just tiny drops in the internet ocean. You really have to do something to let people know it exists.

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Tight on money? Then here are 4 easy ways to promote your store (also works for a new blog) online. They cost nothing but time on the computer. I know, I know, time is money. But stay with me! I'm trying to save you money so you can buy more beads to soothe your bead addiction! (Not sure if you are a bead addict? Then check out my past post, Diagnosis - Bead Addiction!).

1. URL in signature
Go to the settings in your email software and add an automatic signature which includes your store URL. ( So during the course of ordinary communication, people will see your store address. If you know how, add social media links too!

2. Social media
There are all kinds of social media out there. But like most people if time is short then stick with the big sites - FaceBook and Twitter. If you are on FB, create a FB page for your store rather than use your own profile.

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3. Show off your photos
Many jewelry artisans upload their jewelry pictures on Flickr, the photo site. People do like to search and look at bling and perhaps even check out your store! You can also join various Flickr groups and submit your photos there. Be careful and add your store URL only in your profile as Flickr frowns on direct promotion.

Flickr is free up to 200 photos after which you will have to pay for unlimited uploading. It`s quite reasonable but if you want to keep the cost to zero, then pick your best set.

UPDATE : Today, the place to be is Instagram!

4. Commenting
You also want to increase the importance of your store site as far as search engines and other readers are concerned. An easy way to do that is to comment on blogs, on social media.  When you comment on a blog, make sure you add your store (or blog) URL in the box section when prompted.  Comment, comment, comment!

What you are doing is leaving important links to your store. Other commentators may also be encouraged to find out more about you especially if you leave good comments.

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