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Bejeweled Blue Tooth Jewelry by Novero

We all know it's not safe to hold your cell phone and talk while driving. The current crop of Bluetooth ear pieces available though is underwhelming -  they look like hearing aids on steroids!

One alternative is the Swarovski Bluetooth I wrote about before which looked somewhat like an earring. But there is something far better now.

The new Novero collection of lovely bejeweled Bluetooth ear pieces is truly innovative. They've managed to turn a high tech device into jewelry. Form AND function for both men and women.

The $120,000 high tech necklaces are designed to look like asymmetrical ones. The ear piece end is disengaged from the pendant and inserted into the ear. There are several designs for women but the guys just get one!

Although this collection is a luxury one, I can't help but wish someone will come out with the main components for us artisans to use. If we can make beaded watches, surely we can make beaded blue tooth necklaces!

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  1. It's getting there. I found this one after reading your post:
    I'm not gadget-savvy so I'll stop short of talk of deconstructing and polymer clay.

    But my mind is thinking of beaded crochet and rubber tubing.

  2. That's a great find, Allison. I like the possibility of making a necklace and hanging the the main part of the blue tooth device from it.

  3. After reading your post I found a few other interesting websites..

    Nice looking pair of earrings...

    Nice pair of rings

    Extremely Nice Ring...

    Did not how to contact you, but I actually think I may have found bluetooth equipment to use in the jewelry to make a necklace, but my thoughts are I can create my own design and use the bluetooth equipment. But concerned about copyright laws since the run out of the $120,000 necklace....sharon

  4. What wonderful finds, Sharon! Thanks for sharing them with us. If your own design is radically different from the these, it might work. But don't quote me on this - check it out with the proper sources.

  5. Thank you! Sorry, my thoughts were all over the place...Sharon


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