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I've covered how to crimp, use the crimping tool, crimp covers and wire guardians before. I've also recommended using 2 crimp beads for each end if you are making a heavy necklace or bracelet like this past beader design. A single crimp might well fail so the second one is a backup. If you're a beginner or don't have a crimping tool, it's fine to do flat crimps.

However, if you'd like to learn to finish better and hide those crimps, then here is yet another demonstration.  Szarka's video tutorial shows us how to a thorough job of crimping.

Szarka makes wonderful gemstone jewelry - just check out her blog. She is truly a gemstone magpie - some of you can relate - so she also sells gemstones on Magpiegemstones.comI featured her before too!

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  1. Love this blog - I will check out the tutorial.

  2. Great video Pearl! Thanks for sharing it with us. Finishing jewelry properly is so important. Nothing is worse than have a beautiful design, fall apart. It can be real heart breaking!

  3. Thanks for a great video! Do you know what size crimp covers were used on the 2x2 crimps? Also, do you know what make those awesome crimping pliers were and where we can get them? I have never found a pair I really like.

    Thanks again


  4. My apologies for this late reply! I don't know what size crimp covers she used as it is hard to tell from the video. They usually are anywhere from 2.5 to 5 mm in size. So these will all fit 2 x2 mm crimps - it all depends on the overall size of the crimps you prefer for your design.

    You'll have to also drop Szarka a message to ask her what crimping pliers she used. I did review an excellent one not too long ago :

  5. Thank you for your quick reply, Pearl. I have read your post on crimping pliers and contacted Szarka re the pliers.


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