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Jewelry My Pucci - Bejeweled Retractable Chopsticks

The trend these days is to bling just about anything. You could even get your own luxury pair of chopsticks, called Jewelry My Pucci for that special Asian meal!  The tops of the chopsticks are adorned with precious gemstones. What's more, the chopsticks are retractable. Press on the gem to elongate them. They compact down for storage in a lipstick like case.

The Japan Trend Shop doesn't say what sort of gems they are, but as there are only 2 choices of colors, crystal and rose pink, I would guess these would be quartzes.

For the DIY version, you could embellish the top of the chopsticks with wire and beads. Check out my past post on beaded wire wrapped flatware inspirations.

The next step is to learn how to use chopsticks if you don't already know!  Watch this 2 minute video for a crash course. Bon appetit!


For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  2. I love these chopsticks!!! I visited the site and everything else on Japan Trend shop is fun too! Thanks for the tip!

  3. these are so cool!!! love them!

  4. Hmm...could double as a small weapon too?! :-) But I do love the bling!

  5. That's hilarious Stephanie! Yeah, pack this pair in the handbag along with the pepper spray!

  6. This is an informative 5-star Lens. Here's a real challenge for you, I recall teaching 3rd grade classmates to pick up dry beans. Please checkout my Lens: Yours is on my Lens roll!

  7. LOL! Erasers also work! That's how my DH learned to use chopsticks. Yes, I have checked out your lens and added it to my lens roll!


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