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Amazing Sea Glass Sculptures

Many of you collect sea glass for jewelry. Need tutorials? Then check out my past posts on how to wire wrap sea glass and how to drill sea glass.  But there is more you can do with sea glass if you have a collection like Debara Hafemann. She sculpts with sea glass and photographs her creations.

Debara lives in Gloucester, the oldest sea port in North America and collects the sea glass herself from her favorite Rocky Neck and Gloucester beaches. Beach combing does pay! Her work is sold through the Local Colors Art Gallery in Gloucester. Check out her blog.

Her historical research of some of her unusual finds is fascinating. She discovered the green and carnation design on much of the pottery shards she found came from a local hotel restaurant which had tossed out the pieces decades ago.

Strange cylindrical objects turned out to be 18th century fishhook sharpeners. An underwater archaeologist explained the marbles she found are from colonial days. Some of the larger marbles though came from paint cans - they were used to help stir the paint. She also collects beach buttons and porcelain doll fragments which also wash up on the shore.

Her pictures of her sea glass sculptures are wonderful! This is her photograph of a sea glass Christmas wreath for cards.  Debara writes a blog called Confessions of a Beachcomber. You can contact her for more information via email -

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  1. Beautiful!! I did check out her blog--turns out that she has completely sold out of one type of her sea glass art work!

  2. OHHHH MYYY GAWD!! I am 'almost' obsessed with sea glass... So these just about make me hit the floor. I'v gotten a little behind in your posts... but don't want to miss any, so need to catch up. I can hardly wait to get to the Swarovski dinner plates!!

  3. These are amazing. I am always impressed when someone can turn trash into treasures!

  4. Ohhh what gorgeous pieces of work. I do love the lobster.

  5. Kind of cool to hunt down the supplies and then make something awesome from them!


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