Ahoy, me hearties! Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrrrr! So I've a fierce fire in me belly t' talk like one - at least for the first paragraph! I want t' show the lasses some fine bedazzling eye patches sure t' turn the heads of any buccaneer!

Fashion photographer, Jorg Schieferecke's photo shoot of model Belinda Hirt shows his skill in making the bejeweled eye patch seem like a hot fashion accessory.

It's not the first time bedazzled eye patches have turned up in magazine shoots. Singer Rihanna wore a Swarovski number in concert a couple of years ago.

Has the idea caught on as a fashion accessory? I think not. But they make great costume accessories for pirate wenches at Halloween time.

However, there are people who have to wear eye patches for medical reasons. One inspiring example is Canadian long track speed skater, Crystal Phillips who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She developed a common complication called optic neuritis. She lost vision in her left eye and had to wear an eye patch for two weeks to reduce the pain due to inflammation.

Her friend then made her three eye patches decorated with glitter, sequins and feathers. Her mother soon suggested bedazzling hundreds of eye patches to raise awareness and funds for this disease. And so began "Crystal Patches - Keeping an eye out for MS". She picked June 10 as Crystal Patches Day. Here is a news video about her and her worthy cause. Aye, aye, Crystal! Way to go.

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