I'm glad many of you were impressed with easy photo jewelry making, even those like Becky who already do a lot of photo jewelry.

But I had to laugh when I came across Susanna Originals' entry comment on last week's Giveaway contest- " I always love it when you pass along something interesting that is going to cost me more money." Well, we are all in this money pit of a craft together!!

A number of readers also thought photo jewelry would make great gifts for families. Caroleena said photo jewelry is "..an idea for a difficult to please person on my Christmas list." Getting an idea in September is awesome!

Karen (PaperDemon) pointed out that any image - not just photos can be used. She is a happy customer of Photo Jewelry Making and adds the packaged kits of multiple pieces are ideal for crafting parties. Cintra also saw the same possibilities for her middle school mixed media jewelry class!

So who won? Random.org helped out and picked Dona Calles!  Congratulations and enjoy making some neat jewelry.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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