Yep. You read right - piglets. This is not the first time I have written about pigs - check out my past post on The Pig Who Ate A Diamond Off a Ring!.

This time we have cute little piglets or just one Miss Piggie modeling jewelry. I've featured some really innovative jewelry photo shoots before (see links below) - babies, on men, even real human skeletons. But this one is a porker of an idea!

I'm not sure what inspired the photo shoot - perhaps it's something to do with the expression "casting pearls before swine"? The jewelry photo shoot is for Vogue Russia's September 2010 spread.

I suspect the earrings may have been clip-ons or some means of temporary adhesive was used. The piglet looks like it's smirking in some pictures ("Look what I've got!") and distinctly bored in others ("When do I eat?" and "I'm getting sleepy"). I hope it got really yummy treats. Sure beats paying lots for a supermodel, don't you think?

Other unusual photo shoots:

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