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Piglets as Fashion Jewelry Models

Yep. You read right - piglets. This is not the first time I have written about pigs - check out my past post on The Pig Who Ate A Diamond Off a Ring!.

This time we have cute little piglets or just one Miss Piggie modeling jewelry. I've featured some really innovative jewelry photo shoots before (see links below) - babies, on men, even real human skeletons. But this one is a porker of an idea!

I'm not sure what inspired the photo shoot - perhaps it's something to do with the expression "casting pearls before swine"? The jewelry photo shoot is for Vogue Russia's September 2010 spread.

I suspect the earrings may have been clip-ons or some means of temporary adhesive was used. The piglet looks like it's smirking in some pictures ("Look what I've got!") and distinctly bored in others ("When do I eat?" and "I'm getting sleepy"). I hope it got really yummy treats. Sure beats paying lots for a supermodel, don't you think?

Other unusual photo shoots:

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  1. This is the cutest ever - bet it took a long time to shoot those pictures.

  2. Back in the day about 20 years ago, my sons friends bought him a piglet for his birthday. His name was puddinbelly. The piglet had a hog ring in his ear, which the boys removed and took one of my gold hoops to replace it with. That and numerous scarves became puddinbelly's signature look..This reminds me of some happy memories..

  3. omg so cute!!!! it looks like they put makeup on the piggies!

  4. Fantastic! Where ever did you find these images? Reminds me of a 4H event at the fair. Kids raise a lamb, make a garment from wool, and then show the lamb, wearing their wool garment, often with a matching hat, scarf, or even skirt for the lamb. Love it.

  5. I am sorry, I do not quite share the enthusiasm of your other commenters. Does not do anything for me... the question is why? not why it does not do anything for me, but rather why piglets?

  6. Regina hit it on the head. Everyone is looking at the pigs and not the jewelry. So, who'd want to do that? Unless your with The Pork Council.

    Me, I was looking for that silk purse.
    Maybe I can get a chicken to model for me.

  7. I think the pig is adorable. Whether or not it is successful in selling jewelry - I have no idea. But advertisers have used just about everything else, so why not a piglet?

  8. What I find amusing was the fact that the only word I could recognize in the entire spread was jewellry. Must be universal :)

  9. I happen to think that it's disgusting to use an animal to advertise jewelry. I'm sure the cute little piglet appreciated the clip-ons or God forbid, pierced ear rings, not to mention the hours and hours the shoot probably took.


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