Do you struggle to find time to bead? I often do. So here are my top 10 tips on finding time to do what you enjoy.

Mobilize your home workforce. If you have children, assign them chores. Start them young so they get used to it by the time they become teenagers. Tell them chores build character and they will thank you for it .... much, much later! There is no such thing as a superwoman or superman. You can't do it all so everyone in the family should chip in.

2.Lower your housekeeping standards.
Does your house have to be completely dust-free? Does it matter if the patio doors sport a few fingerprints? If you are constantly tidying up, you'll never find time to bead. As they say, the laundry or dishes will always be there so slip in some jewelry making time and get back to the cleaning...later.

This one is self-explanatory.

4.Be Organized.
Your time is already limited. Don't waste it looking for supplies every time you want to bead. Plan what you're going to do. Organize your workspace and storage so that you can get at your beading stuff in a jiffy. Nothing kills valuable time and creativity more than having to search for missing items.

5.Block Time.
I used to sew and bought Nancy Zieman's 10 20 30 Minutes to Sew. Her suggestion of using smaller blocks of time is a good one which can be applied to beading (and housework!) If you lead a busy life, trying to find a large chunk of time to make jewelry is near impossible. So break up the task into portions. Divide and conquer! In one 10-15 minute block, you could gather together the beads for a project. In another block, you could perhaps thread beads onto yarn and so forth.

6. Take it with you
Take portable projects with you and do them while waiting at the dentist, doctor or to pick up your kids from their activities. Can't manage a portable project? Then bring along some jewelry making books and a note pad and paper to draw and write down ideas. Looking at inspirational projects can sometimes nudge your creativity. Thinking or imagining up creations is part of the jewelry making process so allow time for it!

7.Don't procrastinate
Waiting for the right mood may mean you never get down to beading. Sometimes all it takes to get into the swing of things is turn up at your beading station, root around and get inspired. Some women I know think too much and often talk themselves out of doing anything concrete. As they say, don't sweat the small stuff! Just do it.

Set goals. Focus. Be decisive. Don't dither. Make some design choices and stick to them.

8.Stay away from the computer
Resist the lure of the internet. Surfing, constantly checking emails, playing games, socializing on networks and instant messaging can really eat up your time. So set yourself some time limits. If you are the sort to lose track of time, use a timer!

9.Pick up time saving tricks
Sometimes, it's just not possible to squeeze any more time in the day. So try and look for all the time-saving measures you can think of in order to finish projects in a timely manner. For instance, buying rather than cutting your own rings for chain maille and using the speed method of opening several rings ahead before linking them. Look for shortcuts. Be flexible. Just because you've always done a task a particular way, doesn't mean you cannot find a faster way of doing something.

10. Learn to say no
Many women I know are constantly tugged into different directions. They just cannot say no and commit to all sorts of activities which later overwhelm and overtire them. Be realistic. You can't do it all and that includes all sorts of jewelry making projects. So really, really pick what you want to do.

Do you have any other tips to share?

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