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One of my recent blog followers is Urban Don on Etsy.  He is a "scavenger" jewelry artisan from Australia who makes his one of a kind steampunk designs from junk metal and obscure findings. His jewelry is so distinctive and eclectic, he proudly says, "Yes, this is mine and yes, it is weird".

What drew my attention was his latest collection which he calls "Masons on Acid" jewelry. It's his take on evil eye, a kind of protection jewelry.  As far as I know, it's a steampunk first.

He makes his jewelry from doll parts, old charms, etched metal and whatever he can find. He writes a blog and features his amazing creations on his Flickr photostream.

Evil eye beads go back centuries and can be found in many cultures. They were meant to protect one from harm caused by the envy of others. The staring eye is intended to deflect back the malicious "gaze" such was the superstitious fear. In some Middle Eastern cultures like in Turkey, the beads sometimes feature hands with palms forward as if to signal "Halt, you evil bad luck!" You could say evil eye jewelry is an anti-jinx talisman.

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  1. I actually think this is very cool, altho not for me at 61:-)

  2. Love his work!! I was just reading about the history of evil eye beads, and then your post popped up!

  3. I'm not fond of the eyes - but put a stone where those eyes are and I really like his pieces! I looked at his shop, really neat stuff. Yes, I did say neat. It's a good thing.

  4. I love how you always find the most unique jewelry and then share it with us.

  5. What unique designs! I love the combination of styles and materials.

  6. Far out! (yes, I did say that)and thank you. Nice to hear some interesting (and positive) comments on my work. Rapt!

  7. You're definitely allowed to say "Far Out" but my kids don't let me do that! LOL!

  8. Those look cool! Probably would not wear it (not my style) but sounds like I should definitely contact him so we can have him on our evil eye blog


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