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How to Make Your Own Body Chain Tutorial

Making your own body chains not only saves you money but you can custom the lengths to fit you. So if you've got the urge to make these slinky accessories to go with outfits, then check out these tutorials.

Catherine over at the Girl Once Known As blog has a DIY Body Armor tutorial based on an armor style jewelry design which I mentioned in yesterday's post. It is a perfect match for her special black dress. This design requires a fair amount of custom fitting so it will take some patience to get it just right.

Tongue in Chic's Body Chain Tutorial  shown above is cleverly versatile as the basic design can be adapted to 8 other ways of wearing the chain. Check it out!

I like how Monoxious uses a dressmaker's mannequin to do the body chain draping. It makes the job easier. As she points out, you can add as many cross-linking chains as you want.

Other Chain Tutorials:
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  3. I love these, but I'm afraid I'll look like Xena the warrior princess at nearly 6 foot.

    1. I'm a little late for a reply but honey.... that's not a bad thing.

  4. Wonderful! I've been into chain lately- wish I was young enough to pull off the look! :)

  5. Try some of the more understated designs. I think Tongue in Chic's might better suit those of us who are of a certain vintage!


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