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My Rings and Things Wish List

I am in Rings and Things' pool of design bloggers although I have yet to be picked to do a design post. But they did send out their latest Fall supplement catalogue of goodies and hoped we would write about it. We aren't paid for this but by golly, they sure can get sales from us as I've already started a wish list!

I do buy from a variety of sources including Rings and Things for that same reason - variety. So here are my favorite picks of items I have not spotted elsewhere or are hard to find.

3-D Handmade Ceramic Beads (Popsicles shown above) are just perfect for charm bracelets or funky earrings. There are all kinds of designs including ice cream cones, chocolate dipped strawberries and even  burger and fries beads. Calorie-free!

TierraCast Cross Bars will suit those who do not do wire wrapping (see tutorials below) as all you have to do is add crystals of your choice for the upright portion.

Glue-on Necklace Adjusters are the greatest thing since sliced bread because they are a much neater alternative to sliding knots of adjustable necklaces.

Sterling Silver Rivoli Bezel Settings are open backed to take Swarovski Rivolis which have pointed middles and no holes. Much easier than wire wrapping and a lot faster too!

Now where did I put that lottery ticket....

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  1. love the things you dig up and share!!!!

  2. Hi Pearl, I was one of the lucky ones to receive a goodie bag from Rings & Things along with their wonderful Fall catalog. They do have some great stuff and I like your picks, I might get me some bezel settings. Check out my posting about the goodies I recevied and enter to win some yourself. Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree, they do have some things worth digging up and sharing! Just popped over to your blog Regina - those gemstone donuts are awesome too! Pearl

  4. Rings and things are a great company and not to far from me,if someone else drives. LOL!

    (from Facebook)

  5. Hi "BG", how nice of you to share a wish list!! I agree that the popsicles are very cool...any time of year...and the necklace adjusters have never been far from my thoughts. (I've been meaning to try them out in a bracelet too.) Thanks for the fun reading :)

    --Dave at Rings & Things

  6. That is a great wish list Pearl! I would love to try out those necklace adjusters and the bezels. Could make some pretty great polymer clay jewelry with those!

  7. What a great post. I love rings and things, but the customs taxes are CRAZY when shipped to Europe. I wish we had the same here in France. Alas, we don't.

  8. The Rings & Things website is definitely a Beader's candy store. Thankfully, as you mentioned, they're all non fattening!


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