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How to Wire Weave a Cabochon Tutorial

Theresa is the artisan behind Flight Fancy on Etsy or as she puts it "unique jewelry to tickle your fancy".

She is also the design author of a marvelous wire work tutorial to create a wire woven cabochon frame.

It's a very thoroughly written tutorial with every step well explained and illustrated with clear photos. Anyone who has tackled writing a tutorial will know how much work that involves. So her wonderful generosity is much appreciated. Thanks, Teresa!

She uses 3 wires - two for the front and back and one for the edge of the cabochon. Although she used a round cabochon, the general technique should work for oval shapes too. A suitable mandrel will help form the shape at the beginning.

The tutorial is in two parts :

Part 1
Part 2

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  1. Gorgeous work...will take a look at the tutorial but I've found this kind of wire wrapping beyond my capabilities...if the process isn't enjoyable I don't do it! :0)


  2. Wire wrapping cabochons take some practice for sure. Try some of the easier wrapping techniques in the sea glass tutorial post.

  3. Man this type of wirewrapping sure would look nice with some of my Faux Druzies and other polymer clay cabochons. Would have to attempt with copper or some other more inexpensive wire than Silver to start, because I'd be sure to mess it up the first few times. It can be tricky to weave the wire without getting kinks in it. I am always so impressed with wire artists who do such a beautiful job as this!

    Thank you Pearl for sharing with us this tutorial. It looks like a fun one!

  4. I agree Cindy, using copper or some cheaper wire is a must!

  5. The wrapped cab is gorgeous. Professionals have a knack of making things look easy but in all truthfulness it takes practice, practice, practice...oh and a bit of patience too.

  6. I'm pretty sure that would take me quite a while to even get 'okay' at.


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