Have you ever wondered what jewelry design trends might be?  Perhaps you make handmade jewelry for sale and want to know what might be popular in the future. Or you are simply curious about what you might be wearing in years to come. There is indeed a way of finding out "what's cool before it's cool."

As many of you know, I sometimes write for Trendhunter.com, a very large online trend magazine which uses crowd sourcing techniques to share new ideas and determine the next big thing. The innovations and ideas which go on to capture a lot of attention (media, blogs, social networks) provide vital clues for entrepreneurs to "deeply understand consumer trends, identify opportunities and make decisions with more confidence". Consensus of what's cool thus comes from a whole bunch of people not just a small handful.

Trendhunter's more than 1,000 pro trends for 2011 has just been released. Pro trends are clustered insights based on data collected from 92,000 crowd sourced articles (micro-trends) and 357 million views of data! Readers of the Beading Gem's Journal can get a free sneak peak at the Trend Reports. This sample report highlights the top 20 pro trends, 3 of which can easily be related to jewelry.

Novero Blue Tooth Necklace
Wearable Tech
Without a doubt, the next biggest trend in jewelry is the convergence of adornment with something functional. As electronic devices shrink, the convenience of having a dual purpose decorative device will appeal.

Some examples in past posts include High Tech Crystal Jewelry (Swarovski blue tooth and USB flash drive bling) and high end Bejeweled Blue Tooth Jewelry by Novero . One far-sighted commentator on that last post said she had already located some blue tooth equipment for potential use in her jewelry making. Still ahead though are wearable computer bracelets like the Sony Nextep bracelet I just wrote about.

Geriatric Couture
You may laugh but think about the revival of crochet and knitting, once past times associated with the older generation, now wildly popular. Old styles with modern twists have become chic again. Jewelry makers have already begun raiding their grandmothers' jewelry collections for design makeovers and inspiration (see my past tutorial post). Only we call it vintage not geriatric!!

Next Besting
Even in a slow economy, people are still buying but they are much more conscious of what they purchase and why. They now seek value for their hard earned money. So if they cannot afford the top designer brand, then they will look for the next best.  And where else can they get designer created and often one of a kind designs for reasonable prices than from handmade jewelry artisans?

The future does look promising for handmade jewelry. Remember, you heard it here first.

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