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Now that the flowers in the garden are well and truly gone, we have to resort to beaded varieties to take us through the long winter excepting those in the Southern Hemisphere or the tropics! So get inspired with this crop of flower tutorials to incorporate into your jewelry designs.

This great French beaded Sparkle Flower earrings tutorial  is by Meredith Roddy for Beadalon.What I like about French beading is the use of smaller beads on wire to easily form larger clusters. Check out the tutorial links below for more.

I've written about Peruvian or string art pendants before. However you can also construct flowers from several of these as petals. Just hop over to the Ganutell Blossoms` Blue Embellished Flower tutorial which can be used make a pendant. She does a lovely job of contrasting the white over the dark blue threads.

For beading fans, here is a lovely Beading Arts tutorial  for Beaded Flowers written by Cyndi Lavin. She uses brick and peyote stitch. It`s for personal use only.

There are so many ways to make flowers so here is another Beaded Flower tutorial by Michelle Skobel.

This Russian Style Netted Flower tutorial by Jennifer van Benschoten - yet another lovely variation.

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  1. Beautiful...I don't have the patience to make these but I do appreciate the work involved!!!

    I've seen the type of string art involved in the Ganutell acquaintance of mine makes cards with this process and they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I've wondered about this particular process.
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. A bit of a pretty spring bouquet, thank you. I've always been impressed with the intricately French beaded flowers and plants and at one time even gave it a try. All I can say is my flower looked more like a bedraggled weed that one would pull out of their garden than one they'd wish to cultivate.

    It is fascinating to see how different each technique and flower is and each is beautiful in its own distinct way. I do intend to check out the links to these tutorials...especially the Russian style netted flower...perhaps I can do better with beading thread than I did with fine gauge wire. Perhaps!

  3. I've always admired those who work with such small beads and components. It would drive me crazy! I think all of the flowers you presented are really beautiful -especially the blue embellished flower!

  4. Great post on such a wintery day. All the designs are wonderful. I work with small seed beads but I always wear a magnifying headpiece. This saves the eyesight!

  5. Thank you for the links. I've just started bead weaving & I have some new projects to try with the seed beads.

  6. Nice designs for earrings. I like the blue embellished flower, it's so cute. Thanks for the post!

  7. For Meredith Roddy's Sparkle Flower Earrings, does anyone know exactly how to put multiple petal bunches on the same wire? I downloaded, printed, read-reread-reread-reread and reread the instructions again and again and again, and I just can't seem to properly connect the next petal, and thus the subsequent ones, to the same "base." I've wasted about 20 feet of wire and nearly 20 tries to get this, and I just can't figure it out. Is anyone willing to make a tutorial video, or post a link to an existing one?

  8. Not sure if my comment actually posted; Chrome whacked out for a second, but does anyone know of a step-by-step tutorial (preferably visual, such as a video or even drawn instructions) for Meredith Roddy's Sparkle Flower Earrings? I have the instructions and have read them thoroughly many many many times and understand that each bunch is to be created on the same wire, but I've tried a gazillion times, wasted many feet of wire and time, gotten more irritated, but I still can't figure out how to properly attach subsequent "petals" after the first onto the same "base." If anyone has any idea or any information, it would be MUCH appreciated and very headache-relieving! I love the design, and am not willing to be defeated by such simplicity. Thanks!

  9. You entered the comments just fine - they just needed me to approve it as all comments are now moderated!

    I haven't tried it myself but looking at the instructions, there is probably going to be a short length of wire separating each petal. I would make this a bit longer than necessary. Then try doubling up this length for each petal, gather them together and then use a bit of wire to tie them up like a bouquet stem. After which you will need to arrange the petals not just in a pleasing fashion but also to hide the gather. Does this make sense?

  10. Yeah, sorry for the double-post — like I said, Chrome glitched and everything disconnected while loading, so I wasn't sure. :)

    At any rate, I'll try leaving spaces between petals and drawing them together, as you suggested. The way the instructions read it sounds like they're all supposed to be connected on the same tail (the wire end after the initial petal), and that really doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm making the petals too close together, thus not leaving enough general space to connect them all on the same end... Anyway, I'll just get creative with some "wiggle room," and see how it goes. Thanks for the help!

  11. Hope it all works out. It is a pity the instructions weren't accompanied with pictures in the first place.


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