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A Super Rubber Stamped Metal Clay Pendant Tutorial

Still not summoned up the courage to do metal clay jewelry? Well, Gail who writes the Can't Stop Making Things blog finally made that step and assures us it is easy.

Her metal clay pendant tutorial uses rubber stamps to quickly create the designs. This is very helpful tip as beginners have to learn the other steps in the whole process. Rubber stamps aren't all that cheap so it's good that there are other uses for them besides stamping on paper.

Her tutorial is full of tips especially on the firing of the pieces with a hand held butane torch. If you've never had any luck with the boiled egg method to patina silver, do check out what she does. 

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Something else I want to try! Although I think about the only thing piece of equipment I have is the emory board. :)

  2. Ohhhh awesome. I just ventured into this and am loving it. Soooo easy.
    Thanks again

  3. Great, easy tutorial. It's on my "to learn" (and Pinterest)list. So many awesome things to try!!!


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