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I came across this short video on Youtube and thought what a great idea it was. The instructor, Don Norris, is a metal smith who demonstrates how clear tape (probably packing tape), an exacto knife and sand paper can be used to texture metal in just minutes.

Even if one isn't a metal smith, this little trick can be used to create patterns of your own on bought flat metal pieces like discs.

One commentator added that if the exacto knife mark is unwanted, the tape could be precut before applying it to the metal. If that is the case, then perhaps using double sided tape will work better?

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  1. What I like about this tutorial is that it demonstrates how versatile metals are. Simply changing their texture creates a different look and feel.
    It was surprising to see that the clear tape was not damaged by the use of the sandpaper, instead it created an unblemished frame around the design which actually accentuated it.


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