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Stamped Copper Heart Earrings Tutorial with a Twist!

Remember that fabulous Impressart stamp set giveaway a few weeks back? Well, I just discovered PJ Tool and Supply also contacted Lori Anderson over at the Pretty Things blog who also ran a giveaway.  One of her test projects were these clever copper earrings. Just perfect for Valentine's Day!

She called it "Secret Love" because she randomly stamped with the L, O, V, E letters.  I must say the beautiful script of the letters really do make lovely patterns on this awesome design. She describes the steps she took in her blog post.

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  1. Awesome! I'm loving those stamps! I might just have to splurge :)

  2. I just love those earrings! Lori is just so creative.

  3. I love these. Since copper is "almost" my middle name this caught my interest!!
    Thanks Pearl.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! You make me blush. You would die laughing if you saw me at my table trying to make these, muttering to myself, "What the HECK do I DO with these STAMPS I'm not a METAL person (each capital mark is a hammer whack).

    Thanks again!

  5. Lori, you could have fooled us. Those are amazing earrings!

  6. Lori did an amazingly professional job for being a metal stamp novice. The hearts look so sweet and could be worn with casual jeans or that pretty, "going out to dinner" dress. I love jewelry like that as it ends up being worn constantly.

  7. I love the copper earring, I just stared using the stamp set I bought. Hoping to get to play with it some more real soon. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda @Mixed Kreations


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