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New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in North America. It's such a unique place with a fascinating history. It's the birthplace of jazz and the cuisine? Fabulous. While I have never been during Mardi Gras (too wild for me!), I recall seeing tons of masks for sale, often with feathers.

This year's Mardi Gras begins on March 8, just two days away. So it seems fitting to feature the amazing wire wrapped beaded masks by a couple of British artists who call themselves Grin,Grimace and Squeak on Etsy. Their exquisite and often dramatic pieces are truly art. Won't they be awesome at a masquerade ball or fancy dress party? This design duo also create tiaras, fascinators, hair vines and jewelry.

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  1. What stunners!!!! If I were going to be at Mardi Gras...I would definitely have to have one of those!!!

  2. How creative! I looked at their Etsy site and think the hair vines would be very pretty for a wedding.

  3. These are very pretty. Very delicate looking.

    I've not had the good fortune to travel to New Orleans myself but my brother did, years ago. He brought me back several cajun recipes (like cajun peppered shrimp which are to die for ...) and two very beautiful procelain masks (no feathers but lots of glitter and ribbons)

  4. Mardi Gras ends midnight 3/8/11 and Ash Wednesday, lent starts. Mardi Gras is very safe depending on what one does and what part of town one does it. In Metairie, on the Westbank and on St Charles Ave there are many families with small children and it is very safe. Mardi Gras parades started a couple of weekends ago. Since last week, except for the rain, every night there was a parade and on the weekends daytime and night time parades. Legally, one can mask only on Mardi Gras day. Have fun here in New Orleans, actually Metairie.

    (via email)

  5. Thanks for enlightening me on the Mardi Gras dates - you can tell I have never been there during the period! That makes sense about when the masks are allowed.


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