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Doll House Chair Jewelry Display

Now that the hustle and bustle of the end of year peak selling season is over, you may be plotting what to do for later this year. I am pretty sure jewelry displays would be on many people's to-do list.

Making your own is not only fun and economical but a really spectacular or unusual one will help draw people to your stall.

This unusual Doll House Chair Jewelry Display is available from Urban Outfitters. The chair legs and back provide great places to hang earrings or perhaps drape necklaces and earrings.

Got any other super ideas for jewelry displays?

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  1. It is a cute and clever display piece sure to generate attention and amusement.
    I have tried several different methods including a revolving acrylic display that required earring cards. Unfortunately the acrylic was so lightweight it was always being either blown or knocked over.
    I've been tempted to purchase one of those wire mesh, small trash cans that I've seen in the office supplies section of stores. They look like one could hang a number of earwires on them, just couldn't figure out how to dress it up so that it doesn't look like a wastebasket turned upside down on my tabletop.

  2. I am not very fond of those revolving ones. I use a cork noticeboard to pin my homemade earring cards. It's set on an easel so it looks vaguely artistic.

    Those metal trash cans could perhaps be dressed up a little with some crystal and wire wrapping at the top and bottom edges?


  3. I don't have any ideas but I love the chairs - so clever!

  4. Love the doll house chair display! Thats a great idea, thank you :)
    We actually have a Doll House Shop here in town. I may stop by and look for other furniture as well!
    And to Pearl: so is the metal trash can. Never thought of that, always thought the metal trash can was so plain! Thank you

  5. A dollhouse is a toy home, made in miniature. In the United States, most houses have an open back and a fancy front facade, while British houses are more likely to have a hinged front that opens to reveal the rooms.


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