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Floral Fantasy Wire Work Jewelry by Mary Lowe

One look at Mary Lowe's wonderful wire work jewelry gallery/shop (UPDATE : link no longer works) and it becomes obvious why her designs have been featured in magazines such as Bead Unique, Beadwork and True Gems. Her floral wire work creations are exquisitely intricate and complex. Shown here are my favorites.

Pastel Necklace by Mary Lowe
Her father was a fisherman who knew how to make nets and wire crab traps and taught Mary his skills. She in turn put what she learned to good use although in a totally different application! I can't get excited about nets and crab traps but her jewelry is just stunning!

Peruvian Opal Necklace

Cuff Bracelets

Russian Princess Necklace

Russian Princess Necklace

Floral Wire Work Jewelry Tutorials :

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  1. the peruvian opal necklace and the turquoise princess necklace...anybody would feel like a princess just by wearing that :). Any possibility of a tutorial??

  2. WOW. These are amazing! And I love the story about what her father passed to her!

  3. Divya - check the last link at the end of the post for a super tutorial!

    Yes, her lovely story reminds me that what we learn in our childhood can be useful in the future!

  4. Amazingly beautiful ! I have seen "flower garden" necklaces but none quite as lovely or full as these. What really caught my eye are the cuff bracelets, I've seen them done in pearls and beads but never with flower beads. All I can say is; "How divine !"

  5. Absolutely beautiful! What a talented artist!

  6. Amazing what people can do. Beautiful!

  7. The link to her page doesn't take my computer fact, it's displaying mature content; just thought you might want to check; but my point of the post is these are stunning! I clicked the link to her page just to see more of this exquisite work :-) Thank you so much Pearl for all you do, you're a daily inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know about that link - she must not have maintained it and it was taken over. I am grateful for you to taking the time because I have to get rid of links like that for obvious reasons!! I am so pleased I can help inspire all of you and me too, truth be known.


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