Wooden beads are light weight and easy to customize. They can be dyed, painted or covered over with fabric.

Over on Edie's Fashion Factory blog is a fun dyed wooden bead necklace tutorial by Kristal Wick.(Update - link no longer works).  Rit Dyes were used for the triple stranded focal. One more clever idea by Kristal is the use of additional clasps in the front so the wearer can choose to wear the necklace with 1, 2 or 3 strands!!

Vanessa Christenson's Lime Green Necklace tutorial shows us how easy it is to paint wooden beads. Check it out and see her tips on how to mount the beads for the painting process.

Jojo over at Cut Out and Keep has a clever painted wood beads tutorial. She didn't just paint it but she also chiseled out designs on the beads themselves.

Carolyn Hasenfratz's Decoupage Wooden Beads tutorial is just wonderful as the square and round beads are rubber stamped and have small pieces of paper applied. A good project for those who love crafts.

If you are also a quilter, you might like to try Pat Winter's Crazy-Quilted Bead tutorial. This focal bead project is highly customizable and will be an asset to a fabric based necklace.

More wood inspired tutorials :

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