Zipper jewelry continues to not only charm a lot of people, but some go on to come up with wonderful tutorials.  This clever fringed zipper necklace necklace tutorial  is by Elisa M on Cut Out and Keep.

The long unfastened zipper becomes the necklace with a sewn on fringe.  She added a long linked charm made out of wire worked components and some metal tags to add to the zipper pull. Where the charm is located depends on how much the zipper is fastened. Neat!

Linda over at the Craftaholics Anonymous blog's zipper necklace tutorial has a different take on the zipper around the neck idea. What's more, she made it interchangeable so you could add anything - even a bracelet - to the zipper!

Michelle of Mich in LA's blog has another variation where she uses chain on a short zipper.  The choice of a substantial pendant to decorate the pull makes this zipper necklace creation more like a pendant necklace.

It's hard to keep up with the creative souls out there. I nearly missed Divya's zipper bracelet tutorial and her crocheted zipper brooch one too! She writes the Jewels of Sayuri blog. (links no longer available)

Threadbanger's got an easy zipper bib necklace video tutorial. The instructor hot-glued the sections together although purists might prefer to sew instead.

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