Marianne Hopkins is the Tuscon artisan behind Calliope Creations on Artfire. This highly creative individual makes jewelry as well as small sculptures and has been doing so for 15 years.

Her Wellness and Support Stone collection which features beautifully embellished rocks. These beaded medicine rocks are all one of a kind.

Marianne chooses the elements used her women's healing stones with care for each item is symbolic. For example, her Long Greyist Tan Medicine Rock with turquoise has this explanation, "Rocks represent the Earth's energy; pheasants are thought to be the essence of family closeness and turquoise is considered the stone of friendship and communication. Turquoise is also a Master Healer and plays an important role in rain ceremonies."

She also incorporates malachite in some of her designs. It is a significant choice because this gemstone was known as the midwife's stone back in the medieval ages. People back then believed it could relieve labor pains (see link below). Her artistic creations certainly make very thoughtful gifts.

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