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Fabulous Wire Work Scorpion Bracelet Tutorial

 I just stumbled upon this amazing wire scorpion tutorial which was uploaded to Youtube earlier today.  The tutorial is by Camell Wire Works. It requires working with several lengths of wire but it is not that difficult.

The written instruction is in Romanian. You may not need to open up a second window with Google Translate as the instructor performs most steps slowly and clearly. Just hit the pause button or even rewind if you need to.

I really liked how well the hand wire twisting and coiling was done. I wish I could be as even!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my tutorial on your excellent blog. I actually consider doing an english version of this - you gave me the idea for that.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. An English version will definitely net you a wider audience since your English is way better than our non-existent Romanian!!

  3. Ugh - gave me a chill - bugs!

  4. Kind of creepy, but I *really* like it!

  5. It's a very unique piece and I find the scorpion bracelet quite attractive, reminds me of ancient Egyptian jewelry.
    I certainly hope that Camell Wire Works will put out an English version of this tutorial as there were some areas in the construction that I didn't quite comprehend.

  6. Thank you for all your appreciations


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