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Spice Up Earring Designs with Different Beads

Earrings are fun to make. Not only are there all kinds of styles (see my Earring Design Ideas hub), there are also different beads you can use to spice up the designs.

Pat knew that and found two kinds of beads in Debbie's (Widget's Beads) collection for the two earrings she made at a workshop.

Her first pair features black faceted beads with metallic coatings on the edges making it a simple but elegant design. She used bi-colored crackle beads for the second pair which I believe was going to be a gift.

Crackle beads are glass beads which have been heat stressed.  If you want to try making your own, check out the tutorial link below.

Beader Designs # :  654-655

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  1. Of all the jewelry I make, earrings are my favorite....even making earring cards make me happy.

  2. They are my favorite too! I never get tired of making earrings.

  3. Love the black and gold beads, at one time they were called Cathedral beads but that was many years ago, not sure what they call them now but they're still a very pretty bead.

    Earrings seem to be a favorite of jewelry makers/designers, maybe because they are small and don't take nearly as much time to make as larger more elaborate pieces. I just finished a necklace that took me at least 3 weeks to make, mostly because I found I was always needed something that I didn't have on hand. Was a constant game of work for a while, place an order for something and wait for it to arrive ... rinse and repeat.
    Pearl, I think you'd enjoy knowing that I not only used my bail making pliers several times on this piece but I also got some use out of the Artistic Wire Worker tool. And I would not have known about either tool had it not been for your fantastic blog. :)

  4. Yes, Debbie and I still call them cathedral beads. I forgot to use the term in the post.

    Earrings are also many designers' "bread and butter" pieces as they are often more affordable.

    Hotdog! Glad you found those two tools really useful. They are my favorite ones too.


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