There are seed bead enthusiasts everywhere. Their work is as varied as their backgrounds and locations. And yet what unites them is a "common thread"  - the ability to make beautiful designs out of the most humble of beads.

Kalmbach Publishing just sent me Beading Across America: Jewelry Inspiration from Coast to Coast to review. It's an amazing collection of bead work inspired by the vast landscape of this enormous nation. 

The project book is divided by region. There are five in all featuring the work of 30 artisans from different states.  I guess they couldn't fit in representatives from all fifty states! Many of them will be familiar to bead workers.

There is something for everyone, from simple projects like the moose pin from Alaskan, Jeanette Shanigan, to really elaborate designs like Yoli Pastuszak's Garden Haunt Necklace below. She is from Alabama.

Some of the easier projects - read fast gratification - are the rings or earring ones like Virginian Amy Katz's Potomac Jewel earrings below :

One of my favorite small project designs though has to be the delightful Dancing Lady brooch by Paulette Baron who hails from Maryland.

Bugles are not that commonly used in bead work so Texan June Huber's Bugle Blocks bracelet caught my eye. It has an Art Deco look about it.

Some innovative beaders include the Sea Glass beaded necklace by Beverly Ash Gilbert who is from Washington.

The Three Rivers Rhapsody earrings by Sherry Serafini of Pennyslvania is drop dead gorgeous.  Bling lovers will appreciate her use of rhinestone chain in the design.

Arizonan Scarlett Lanson uses a copper wire foundation as part of her design for her Sedona Earrings.

There were a few designs which underwhelmed me but they were definitely in the minority.  All in all, this book is a beadworker's delight!  For a closer look at a portion of the book, click here.

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