Brenda Sue and I thank all of you who added such lovely comments.

It didn't surprise me to know that some of you were already familiar with Gilder's Paste and B'Sue Boutiques long before last week's giveaway.  Although Beverly said she only has one pot and wants more, more, more!

But others were itching to try out the product. As a couple of readers pointed out it's a really easy way to do faux enamel.

It's great on polymer clay and resin too.  Coral mentioned she used it on her painted resin flower cabochons. Adding accent color with the Gilder's Paste is quick indeed.

Some people were wondering if giveaways are international. They are unless stated otherwise. So no need to hold your breath any longer! I counted out all the entries and picked sis5of11! Congratulations ! Quick, get in touch with me as I don't have your email. My email is beadinggem {at} yahoo {dot} ca.

Didn't win? Then try your luck with the next giveaway!

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