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Gorgeous Micro Macrame Jewelry by Ifat Creations

Stunning. Amazingly intricate. This is micro macrame jewelry like you've never seen before!

The awesome designs are by Madrid based Ifat Nesher who has an Etsy store (no longer exits). You can also see more of her gorgeous creations on her website(no longer exits).

She works in theater and art, stumbling into micro macrame jewelry only months ago and then only by chance.  Ifat adds, " And as a good friend of mine says, when it starts by chance just go for it because you never know where it leads!" Her pieces certainly show her artistic flair and color sense.

I had a difficult time choosing my favorites as she had so many outstanding designs. Shown above is her Sevilla necklace inspired by the orange trees in that part of Spain. The colors perfectly match those of the Murano murrine beads.

There is almost an architectural or even tribal look about her necklace designs.

Her "Falling Pearls" necklace below is made from waxed thread and small Indian silver beads :

Her micro macrame earrings are so exquisite they remind one of filigree work :

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  1. The macrame work is stunning! I love working with fibers, but macrame had not caught my eye until I saw these photos of Ifat's work! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I've done some knotting but only on a much smaller scale. She is incredibly creative as these are truly imaginative and one of a kind. Some facebook followers are just as wowed.

    As luck would have it, I timed this post when Ifat was on vacation. So bookmark her site and revisit when she returns in a few weeks.

  3. WOW!! Seriously stunning pieces! Off to check out her store.

  4. Really beautiful work. I bought a book on macrame jewelry but have yet to try it - must try it now after seeing her work.

    I remember macrame plant hangers from the 80's - this is certainly different!!!

  5. Wow...stunning work! A talented lady!!!

    I've never tried macrame, not even years ago when it was popular for plant hangers!

    I'm trying a few knotted pieces but nothing compared to Ifat's work.


  6. Those are just stunning!!! It gives new meaning for me to macrame.....70's, using 1/4 inch jute...think that's what it was called......making plant hangers!! I had those all over my house and patio. These necklaces are so beautiful. Just gorgeous work.

  7. I really have to chuckle as I just ordered a bunch of books on the micro-macrame today from amazon.

  8. Wow! These necklaces are beautiful. I didn't know that you could do all that with macrame. Wow! Another thing to add to my "things to learn " list.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. If it's anything like my to-do list, yours is going to be a long one, Linda!


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