How goods like jewelry are produced is starting to change dramatically. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies have already been used by some innovative jewelry designers (see links below). Custom designs and small production runs are thus possible at much lower costs than ever before.

Nanotechnology is another approach where things are made starting at the atomic and molecular level. The growth of this new technology is so fast that it has already made its way into the jewelry world.

Nano Style Jewelry is one such company using the technology to inscribe 24K gold text or pictures onto gemstones. An ion-bombarding technique deposits the precious metal. The beautiful result is permanent because the gold atoms are fused with the gemstone.

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As the engraving is done on a nano scale, the images can be very small indeed while still maintaining accuracy and precision. The I Love You pendant shown above says it in 120 languages! Also on the same vein, the Dove of Peace onyx pendant shown below features the word "Peace" in 120 languages.

The Lord's Prayer pendant naturally has the scriptures from the Gospel of Matthew 6:8-15 inscribed within an intricate floral border.

There are not only Christian designs but those of other faiths too. One of  the Buddha pendants includes the Metta prayer, the meditation for unconditional love.

The Star of David on a light garnet cubic zirconia has the Shir Lama’alot (Songs of Ascents) engraved within the star.

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