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Many of you were taken with Nano Style's Jewelry and their gift certificate giveaway.  If you didn't know, they also has a Facebook page.

Shaiha declared she was in love!  While Joanne ruefully added, "I just had to go look!" 

Vicky made me chuckle with her tremendous effort. She said, "I'm a blog subscriber and I can only do 85 versions but Please, Asseblief, ju lutem, Խնդրում ենք, Xahiş edirik, Mesedez, Калі ласка, моля, Si us plau, molim, prosím, venligst, alstublieft, Palun, pakiusap, Ole hyvä, S'il vous plaît, por favor, გთხოვთ, Bitte, παρακαλώ, કૃપા કરીને, tanpri, कृपया, kérem, vinsamlegast, Silahkan, le do thoil, per favore, してください, ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು, Praesent, Lūdzu, Prašom, Ве молиме, Sila, Jekk jogħġbok, Vennligst لطف, proszę, por favor, vă rog, пожалуйста, молим, prosím, Prosimo, Por favor, tafadhali, Vänligen, கொள்ளவும், దయచేసి, กรุณา, lütfen, Будь ласка, Xin, ביטע Os gwelwch yn dda, pick me!"

Alas, does the picking.  And the winner of the $100 Nano Style Jewelry gift certificate is Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures. 

For the second week in a row, the giveaway winner from the contest before failed to contact me in time.  So I have redrawn another winner for the Creative Wire Jewelry book giveaway who happens to be Lee!

Congratulations to both winners!

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