Anna over at Almost Precious on Etsy and Susanna of Susanna Originals are readers and regular commentators. Both wondered what I really used for the "modeled" shots of my necklaces in my store. Susanna actually asked in an earlier post, "I'd like to know where you got the tanned model in January in Nova Scotia!"

The answer is body form mannequins!  They work for free and any time I want, including weekends!

Modeled jewelry pictures generally results in better sales because it gives the potential buyer some idea of what the jewelry looks like worn. This is especially important because they cannot try on online items.

These are available from any store which sells shop display items. I got mine, a painted plastic kind, on sale for $20 from a local display store. There are all kinds available at different price points. I also have a grey fabric covered one - a shop surplus courtesy of one of my beading friends. Some artisans also use dressmaking forms which can look quite artistic as is in pictures.

However, the two which I have look better if I dressed them especially the grey one which is anatomically correct! I must also add the headless torsos can be a bit unnerving for other family members who happen to wander by during a photo shoot!

I'm also glad I chose the large pop-up light tent (see my past post - A Look at My New Camera and Jewelry Photography Accessories) because Lola, my favorite, just about fits inside. Lola is what I call the skin colored mannequin after Lola Montez, the flamboyant and outrageous 19th century Irish-born woman who spent much of her adult life pretending she was someone else (see my past post - Lola Montez's Jewels).

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