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Chandelier Earrings with Bead Caps Tutorial

Image from Ornamentea
I am all for multiple uses especially for common jewelry findings.  That's because by using them in highly creative ways, the resulting designs will be different from others.

I wrote about using bead caps in unconventional ways before (see link below).  Here is the latest chandelier earrings tutorial from Ornamentea which again uses bead caps for earrings.  It's a winner!  Taking notes?

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  1. I love this idea! I sometimes get stuck making the same type/piece over and over in different materials or colors.. since finding your blog I have been thinking more outside the box of just putting together elements of a piece. Thanks so much for doing my a lot of hard research for me!!!!

  2. Too many of us churn out the same old design look again and again. So changing tack can really up the design quotient!

  3. thats a nice one...but if your bead caps dont have holes in can just flatten it (with a hammer and use it as focal pieces for your fabric in this

  4. Thanks for sharing that extra tip! Yes, hammering bead caps just creates even more findings to use!

  5. Very pretty. I've used caps before for chandeliers but I really like the airy, light look of these. Mine looked heavier and were very oriental ... matter of fact I think I called them "Siam Princess".


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