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French Beaded Bouquets by Bead Flora Jewels

When I first stumbled upon Fen's Bead Flora Jewels on Etsy, my first impression was "Wow!". Then "OMG" as I realized how much work has gone into her gorgeous French beaded bridal bouquets.

Her creations are made with great care and additional lacing reinforcement. She designs her bouquets to last a life time - a beautiful reminder of a special day long after real flowers would have wilted and died.

Some of the bouquets have been pictured with the brides in her Etsy listings. Seen in context, her work is even more astounding. No wonder her designs have been featured in magazines. InStyle included her pink rose one below in "The Very Best of Etsy : Unique Bridal Bouquets".  They are indeed.

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  1. Great article...Fen does gorgeous and amazing things with tiny beads!!

  2. Hahah, I'd NEVER have the patience to make anything like that. But,wow, these are positively gorgeous - something to keep and treasure and eventually hand over to your daughter or daughter in law as a heirloom ...

  3. My hat's off to Fen, her work is amazing. I have a book on French beaded flowers and know it is time intensive to fabricate just one blossom, how she has the patience to make so many boggles my mind. I know I'd be ready for the loony farm after trying to make just one bouquet. Her prices are also very fair considering the talent and time involved and the fact that a professional florist bridal bouquet would cost a small fortune and only last a very short time ... unless one invested in having the organic one freeze dried or preserved in some way.

  4. Yes, her work would be heirloom pieces for sure! I don't think I have the patience to do even one flower the size she does!

  5. BTW if anyone is interested, Fen surprised me with a coupon code for readers. Just head on to my Facebook page for the details -

  6. These pieces are fabulous and the colors are beautiful! Like others, I lack the patience to make something like this, so I admire someone who can. Great work and the bouquets are "green".

  7. fabulous...I can make out the amount of passion and patience one needs to craft beautiful things like this...hats off!!

  8. I know I've been awol - bouquets are on my mind right now as I am about to make a brooch bouquet for my daughter. That's hard enough - much less doing all that beading! Have you done a post on brooch bouquets?

  9. For good reason, BetteJo! Great to see you back. Yes, indeed I have blogged about brooch bouquets -


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