Making jewelry is actually the easy part. Taking pictures is quite another thing. So many of you struggle with jewelry photography just as I do. It is good that we all wish to improve.

So it is no wonder the response from the Modahaus Table Top Photo Studio Giveaway from readers was tremendous and occasionally a little desperate. But remember, no table top studio will give good results unless you know how to use your camera properly. Even a simple point and shoot has a couple of settings you must make.

I was very grateful to Lex for all the tips he has been passing along to me to share with my readers - it's fantastic having a professional mentor!  There is still lots to learn about the Modahaus. He said in an email outlining future advice, "When we do photos on white background we'll have it right in camera and no need for post process"!  Cool.

Lex took a look at this morning's post on Natural Light Jewelry Photography with the Modahaus and reassured me that bending will not harm the set-up. In fact, he said, "The polymer actually strengthens when folded."  Just don't do it at below freezing temperatures when it becomes brittle and will break. Don't worry, I have no intention of doing photo shoots outside in winter and neither would any one else!

Then he sent me his easy solution for suspending earrings on the Modahaus. Duh. I posted it up on Facebook to share. In case you missed it :

He used dark green cotton to make it show up in the above photo. Clear fishing line will be near invisible. He used a paper clip to dangle on the demo line because he didn't have earrings on hand! Well, Lex if you ever needed to buy earrings for gifts, you'll know where to look as there are tons of worthy shop owners following this blog!
    Some good news. Modahaus was so grateful for all the positive feedback on this blog, they are offering a 10% discount (code : Pearl) on any of their models for about a week. The discount period will end at midnight August 9, UK time.  Those readers who purchased the set up before this post will also be getting the 10% refund retrospectively!  So watch out for Lex's emails to you.

    I've been numbering the large number of entries as they come in. There were over 380  including the extra ones like shout-outs (thank you!).  There were so many entrants, the comments went to the second page!

    So who were the two incredibly lucky winners of this giveaway?  I  headed over to to generate two numbers. The winning numbers were assigned to Lauren of A Magpie's Dream and  Maneki who is from Sweden.  Neither of them will need their make shift light tents again!

    Congratulations!  I'm off to contact the winners for their addresses.

    For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips
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