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Artful Halloween Polymer Clay Jewelry by Marie Segal

Marie Segal is a fantastic polymer clay artist who has been involved in her craft for over 30 years. Her creativity and artistic flair really shows in her work. She sells her creations on her Etsy store appropriately called Art from My Heart.

Her attention to detail and her whimsical approach are what makes her designs unique. It's as if she paints with clay! Shown here are her Halloween and Day of the Dead inspired creations.

One endearing theme she uses often is her Unzipped Heart collection. The pendant above is the Frankie version.

Day of the Dead Earrings

Halloween Shrine Brooch

Hagatha the Witch Brooch

Marie who is based in San Diego generously shares many tutorials on her blog. She has previously been featured in this past post, Gorgeous Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorials.

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  1. WOW!! This is some seriously impressive. I am obsessed with polymer clay. I have a little tutorial on my blog this morning with polymer clay as well!

  2. I am a big fan of skulls so I love the skull earrings and the brooch...great combination of motifs there

  3. Spooky spooky!!! That's good stuff and quite creative!!!

  4. Pearl what a doll you are for posting this wonderful blog on my work.
    I am so honored to be in your blog, twice now. ;-D
    You are the bestest and I appreciate all you have done for me so much and what you do for polymer clay each time you post about it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Blessings all over you!
    Thank you also, Lindsay, Divya, and Carol.

  5. I'm glad you liked it Marie! We are all so inspired!

  6. Great pieces Marie! I especially love the Frankie version of your unzipped heart... too cute! I have always admired your work and your whimsical approach. Keep em coming!

    Pearl, thank you for regularly posting about polymer clay. The more exposure people get to the medium, the more they will realize, just how awesome it really is. It fits in beautifully with whatever beading and jewelry project you can imagine... unlimited possibilities!

  7. Every time I see this Pearl I get a wonderful warm feeling all over. I am so grateful.
    Thanks for dropping by!

    And what Cindy said is so true, you do so much for all of us and those to come.
    With things like this post, it makes me want to keep going and going.

    Thanks you Cindy for your very kind words.
    You too, are doing so much for Polymer.
    Thank you!

  8. Yes, I so agree about the unlimited potential of polymer clay. I am especially fond of cross-over techniques when polymer clay artisans mix in metal and wire work for some awesome pieces!

  9. Glad I didn't totally miss this post, I've been blog-adaisical lately and really need to return some focus to my blog and to the favorite blogs that I follow.

    These polymer clay creations are wonderful and I already have a favorite ... the rose and skull brooch, beautiful with a touch of whimsy.

  10. Sometimes it is good to take a break!

  11. I just love Marie's work. She recently did a Green Man that I drooled over but I refrained simply because I don't wear broaches.


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