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A claspless necklace has some advantages. Firstly, there is no need to fiddle with small findings or find someone to help you put on or take off a necklace.

Secondly, besides saving on a clasp and the time needed to attach one, a claspless necklace might be the only option for people who are extremely allergic to any form of metal.

Long Necklaces
If you make a long enough necklace to go over the head, then there is no need to add a clasp.  Make an  extra long necklace like Wanda Epps of Making Beaded Jewelry with her Endless Necklace Tutorial. The way she attached the crimp beads is very discrete. She also shows different ways to wear a long necklace.  For more ideas see link below.

If you wish to skip the crimp beads, then knot between each bead (see tutorial link below). The way to finish for a claspless necklace is illustrated by this tutorial from Fire Mountain Gems.  Note that you will have to choose final beads whose holes are large enough to pass the cord or thread through twice.

But if you don't have bigger hole beads especially if you are dealing with finely drilled pearls, then check out Ash and Anchors' Knot Necklace tutorial which shows you how to knot as well as how to discretely knot the ends together.

Image by Ash and Anchor
 Kirsten over at the New House Project blog was inspired by a Sheila Hicks creation at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This long necklace is made up of multiple rounds of twine. There is just a discrete knot tying up the ends of the twine which is easily hidden in the embroidery thread wrappings.  Jump rings are also added. I think this tutorial is an excellent starting point for all sorts of variations and embellishments. Via

Image by New House Project
Adjustable Cord Necklaces
Another way to avoid using clasps is to make adjustable cord or sliding knot necklaces. You can do a simpler knot as illustrated by Ruby's Bead Work. However,  my favorite way to do this type of necklace is well illustrated by Emma Ralph of EJR Beads UK's tutorial.

Image by EJR Beads
If you love the look of Chinese knotting, then try the sliding button knot tutorial by

Image by StellaCeleste
Lariat Necklaces
Lariat necklaces are another option. Check out the  lariat or lasso necklace tutorial by Wanda Epps of Making Beaded Jewelry. The basic construction of a lariat lasso consists of a simple beaded loop end and a more heavily beaded design on the other. The latter must be able to pass through the loop and yet be extensive enough to stop it from slipping through the loop during normal wear.

Missa from has a video tutorial showing how she made her informal wire work and chain lariat, Her design consists of twisting together the two chain portions in the front of the necklace. The wire and bead "claws" keep the necklace from twisting open.

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