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Make a Pearl Necklace 'Pop' with Crystal Rondelles

Johnette wanted to make a pearl necklace gift for her friend at a beading party. She knew this lady preferred classic designs. While there is nothing wrong with an all pearl necklace, what Johnette did certainly made the design "pop".

She did not use a pendant but she added a couple of accent beads - silvery ones which flanked a single rhinestone rondelle bead. The overall design was still understated but unique and lovely.

Beader Design # : 680 

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  1. That's so elegant for a classic person. Pearls are flattering to me but I'm more flamboyant, are there any ideas for something larger and more statement making? For instance I like to wear 5 or 6 different sized pearl bracelets all at once for impact.

  2. Looks like multi-stranded necklaces are perfect for you. For more ideas check out some of my past posts like these :


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