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Stunning Contemporary Polymer Clay Jewelry by Roberta Warshaw

Although I've drawn, sketched and done all sorts of crafts since childhood, I never really liked working with plasticine and play dough. I was also a pottery class drop out.

That's why I really admire artisans like Roberta Warshaw on Etsy who creates stunning designs in polymer clay.

Her contemporary pieces demonstrate her ability not just to craft the clay but her confident use of design elements.

 Her pieces are uncluttered and yet full of strong visual details and textures.

She also has a wonderful sense of color as shown by this necklace design below.  Purple and green are a great combination but her choice of a lovely apple green shade is inspired!

The apple green also does a stunning turn in this design which features other fall Pantone colors - the nougat and coffee liqueur.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Boston-based Roberta's background is in fine art and graphic design.  She has had extensive training in all sorts of jewelry techniques and clearly shows she has the vision and talent to exploit her skills.

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  1. WOW! These are beautiful. I have tried making some polymer clay beads, but the only thing that came out even half way cute was my jack-o-lantern earrings. Everything else is a flop. So I just give up.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful necklaces.

  2. these are lovely.esp the golden spiral really looks like metal

  3. Yes, she does have a way with clay. The only thing I might have success with are pumpkin earrings!

  4. Very nice and so creative. Thanks Pearl.

  5. Very nice and so creative. Thanks Pearl.

  6. I'm very happy to see Roberta's work featured. She's a new blog friend of mine, and I'm absolutely in love with her style. Her use of color and shape and texture is just amazing. :)

    I had play doh as a child, but I left it in the jar too long and it crystallized. I think I enjoyed looking at the crystals more than playing with the dough.

  7. i just visited her etsy site, and i am in love with every pair of earrings she makes (but i am partial to the gold swirls too!) what a great feature--thanks!

  8. All her designs are striking. Believe me, I had a hard time choosing which to feature.

  9. Roberta's background in art and graphic design comes shinning through in her fantastic creations. She is truly marvelous as is her jewelry.

  10. Wow! Her beads and designs are gorgeous. Every time I see beads like this I want to try polymer clay. I have all kinds of books on how to do it. I just need to actually buy some clay and try it out.


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