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Swarovski Crystal Elements at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion show on CBS always manages to make the news. Some of the past promotional stunts featured really expensive gemstone decorated underwear few women could afford let alone wear.

It also never fails to amuse me that the show highlights something only women can wear but nonetheless also has a huge male following!  But this behind the scenes video is guaranteed to tweak the attention of everyone, both male and female, who design and make jewelry with Swarovksi Elements.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show's design studio used over 2 million crystals for their extravaganza. Shown here are video captures of  some of the stunning designs. The fan design below took the designer 5 months to complete.

If you love Swarovski crystals, then expand your inventory by getting those created specifically for the fashion industry. These include buttons and other crystals with 2 holes which are designed for sewing onto garments. The  latter can be used as connecting beads.

Swarovski zipper pulls, button, two-hole rivioli beads
There are also crystal encrusted zipper pulls and flat back crystals, to name a few more. Flat back crystals can be used to create pave style jewelry (see links below). Some of the crystals also come foil backed.  Here are some simple zipper pull earrings I made.

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  1. Pearl I love the zipper pulls they do make for wonderful dangles. Swarovski's crystal buttons are also perfect for button and loop clasps, which I've used in a few of my bracelet and necklace designs.

    Some of the "costumes" remind me of Carnival in Rio; glamorous, glitzy, and way-over-the-top sexy. But then that is Victoria's Secret's calling card ... or should I say drawing card?

  2. I love that fan- looks like something Mucha would have adorned one of his models with:) thanks for this great post!!

  3. So many sparklies!!!!

    I'd love to use Swarovski sew-on rhinestones in my work, since I'm just starting to make beaded cabochons. Someday, when I have money! :)

  4. WOW! Those pieces are absolutely spectacular! I love the fan. Each piece must have cost a fortune to produce. How exhilarating it must be for those designers to be partnered with Swarovski like that. Having the freedom to utilize such fantastic materials in any way you choose, would be an opportunity of a lifetime!

  5. wow, i had no idea that swarovski made buttons or zipper pulls! i want to find both so i can use them in my the earrings that you made, Pearl! simple and elegant!

  6. Glad you liked the zipper pulls! Don't say I didn't warn you - there are so many things Swarovski makes that are worth getting!

    Anna - well said about the drawing card!


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