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Wire Crochet and Wire Wrapped Jewelry by TrishBrooks

It really pays to learn new techniques. That way you can combine them to create unique designs.  One shining example is Maryland-based Trish Brooks whose designs are truly original.

What Trish does is marry two forms of wire work. She makes beautiful free form wire work pendants which go with her wire crochet necklaces.

When Trish retired, she rejoiced in making crochet hats and scarves for family, friends and the homeless.

Her epiphany came when she found out one could crochet with wire. So she started experimenting and came up with her own distinct style of jewelry making.

This form of crochet gives her even greater pleasure now.  She says, " I could help homeless people more by selling my jewelry and giving a percentage to charities that help people struggling from poverty or hardship."

Thanks Lolly for sharing this find!

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  1. These are fantastic...look more like bead weaving than crochet

  2. Wow! Gorgeous work. I agree with Divya. It's doesn't look like they were crocheted. And, I love the way the pendants are wrapped they are beautiful.

  3. These are truly original! I love her style. Beautiful beautiful!

  4. Wow, Trish does beautiful work!

    It makes me really happy that she makes hats for the homeless, too. What a kind person. :)

  5. What beautiful work!
    I would love to know the name of the stitch or technique used in the second piece pictured. I adore it. Is there a tutorial or book that contains the how-to of the necklace portion.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    Captured by Lori

  6. Thanks so much for the wonderful blog and all the kind and supportive comments. At this time
    I don't have a book, etc on my work, but may one day in the future if enough people request it. Right now I am still evolving and perfecting my techniques and working on new ones. Thanks so much for the interest and support of my designs. Trish

  7. I've never seen wire crochet done so flawlessly and so beautifully as Trish's pieces are. She is without a doubt a master at her craft and I'm sure there's a flock of jewelry makers that would love to pick her brains to find out just how she does it. :D

  8. Wow! I don't usually care for crochet as it is so messy. Just gorgeous.

  9. That's precisely why so many readers were wowed by Trish's work!

  10. Just a revisit to this post as I have spent quite some time drooling over Trish Brook's etsy shop. Such talent ! I had to click and share your link about her wonderful work and shop on my facebook page. I am amazed that she has not made a gazillion sales by now but maybe she just hasn't been discovered ? She is definitely Front Page worthy on Etsy ... maybe etsy is too busy hunting for owls, foxes and mustaches. LOL

  11. I think it takes another jewelry artisan to truly appreciate what Trish has done. The people who pick front page features are good but not necessarily jewelry makers.


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