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Antique Glamor Necklace and Ring Tutorials featuring Swarovski Elements

I received these wonderful free tutorials from one of my wholesale suppliers.  No matter what the title says, I think the designs are worthy of other times of the year too, not just Christmas!

The bib style necklace makes use of different types of Swarovski crystals - the eye-catching round stones as well as pendant drops, crystal pearls and bicones.

The necklace tutorial is also notable for it's use of gathered ribbon to frame 4 of the flowers.  I also liked the easy way leather and beads are used to encase the fifth "flower".  Beats having to do a full beaded cabochon technique!

This same leather technique is carried over in the ring tutorial.

Antique glamor ring
You can download the pdf from Scribd which is free to join.  But if you don't wish to do that, try the tip one reader had - just use your cursor to copy everything in the box below and paste into a suitable document like WORD. You may have to do some formatting.

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Swarovski Elements Xmas Collar Antique Glamour
Antique Ring Glamour Tutorial

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  1. Pearl...these are from create-your-style using swarovski elements....they have an entire site full of tutorials for all swarovski products along with the catalog for AW12(complete with product description, color & size chart) It is worth checking out...Make sure you have nothing else planned out the whole day when you are seeing the has soooo much info ;)All tutorials can be downloaded

  2. Thanks Divya for the tip on the site. There goes my day!

  3. These look like a fun project. I'm rally loving that ring!!!
    Thanks again Pearl.

  4. Beautiful tutorials! I really like the leather and bead bezel.

    I'm telling myself that I won't go to the Create Your Style website and look at tutorials, but given my love of sparkly things, I think we both know how that's going to turn out. ;)


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