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How to Make Angel Jewelry or Ornaments

Pearl's MOP angel earrings
Many people love to wear seasonal jewelry. With so many parties going on during December, angel earrings might just be the ticket to wear or to whip up for a quick gift. Make them big enough and the angels could be key ring charms or ornaments too.

Shown here are some ideas - my picks from some very creative folks.

The easiest way is to use beads including the wing ones. These come in metal as well as glass. Shown here are a couple of my own angel dangles.  If you need a tutorial, check out this video by OneHappyBird.

The one below is the Naughty Angel pair - that's because angels look like they've been indulging in one too many cream desserts. The halos slip down when the earrings are worn.
Naughty Angels earrings
You can also draw and color your own angel art earrings and charms using shrink plastic as Heidi Borchers did with  her Angelic Jewelry tutorial.

Susan Spatone has a lovely Wire Birthstone Angel Pin tutorial at AllFreeCrafts. Playing with wire will no doubt result in some more designs!

Bobbi over at the My Wired Imagination blog has a cool way to make wire angel wings. Check it out!

E. Hackbarth's beaded snow angel is a classic.  The use of size 11/0 beads means the design will be fine for earrings.

The beaded Christmas angel tutorial on BeadJewelryMaking site makes use of crystals and bugle beads as well as seed beads. What makes this one attractive for bling lovers is the substitution of heart shaped crystals for the beaded wings.

If you try and scale things down, this awesome felt and wire angel by CraftyStaci  could also become jewelry. Otherwise it's a great ornament or even bookmark.

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  1. My this post took me down memory lane with the link to Heidi Boucher and all the TV shows I used to watch with Aleene and her daughters. I've been watching videos of the Burnt brown bag technique. Such fun. I made and sold some nice earrings in the 90's. Everyone loved how light they were. I should try it again now that I'm a little more proficient making jewelry.

  2. It's funny how we revisit designs! Yes, Aleene's crafts were neat!

  3. I've always thought that the little beaded angels were adorable but have never tried to make any ... also never realized there were so many variations of cute little beaded angels to create. Guess I should put that down on my to do list ... of course I've had; "Install Address Labeling program for PC" on my to do list for at least 5 or 6 years now and have finally got it installed this year. Took longer to install and figure it out than it would have taken me to address the Christmas Cards by hand. But by next year I'll be ahead of the game ... that is if I can remember how to run the program by then. LOL

    Oh I do love the word verifications I get on your blog Pearl. Today it is "weekyday". Now how cute is that ? :)

  4. Yep, I hear you. You should see my to do list! Word verification must love you!

  5. Adorable little angels. I especially like the MOP angel earrings and the birthstone angel pin. The angel pin would make a really nice angel ornament if made a little larger.

  6. Absolutely! Many jewelry designs can be translated into larger ornaments.


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