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How to Make Easy Beaded Napkin Ring Tutorials

Image by Bead Barmy
Not everyone on your gift list likes jewelry. But they sure would appreciate something handmade all the same.  So how about making them a set of napkin rings for that extra special dinner party?

One of my favorite finds has to be Gemma's aka as the Bead Doctor of Bead Barmy. Her tutorial for  wire and bead Festive napkin rings is lovely and easy enough for beginners to have a go.

You could definitely use seasonal colors as shown by the Deck the Halls napkin ring tutorial from Beadaholique. Or the recipient's favorite decor colors.It's so quick to whip up using 6/0 beads and flat even count peyote stitch
Image by Beadaholique

Fancy doing a bit of wire knitting?  Then try out Style at Home's beaded napkin ring tutorial by Erika Knight.  She used 24G artistic wire, beads and 5.5 mm knitting needles.

Image by Style at Home
No time?  Then the ribbon and large hole button tutorial from the Martha Stewart site is a breeze! I really like this simple idea because you can always change out the ribbon for different colored ones. Like all tutorials though, you can take that basic idea and run with it!  So instead of the large hole button, bead a bead or ring (see link below for tutorials) or add a wire embellishment with a loop to thread the ribbon through. 

Image by Martha

Your napkin ring set need not all match in color. HGTV's Sonja Rasula's bead and wire napkin ring tutorial will help you use up odd beads.

Image by HGTV
The Artful Crafter uses stretchy cord for the beaded part of her napkin ring tutorial. The base is actually bias tape glued onto PVC sections from the plumbing department.  This was a commissioned project for a client's Thanskgiving table.

Image by Artful Crafter
Selina's idea over at Charming Beadz is for a spiral beaded napkin ring, inspired by memory wire bracelets.  Either coil the wire yourself as she did or use ring size memory wire.

Image by Charming Beadz
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  1. So many great ideas and so little time. I'm bookmarking for later. Thanks, Pearl -- these are really fun!
    P.S. My captcha code here is "liking" and I think that apropos!

  2. I love all the napkin ring ideas!! So creative! But talk about creative. That tie was incredible!!!

  3. I thought so too! And yes, I am going to be making myself some napkin rings some time!

  4. Every table setting should have a bit of "bling". I really love Gemma's flowing design, very attractive. Wish the wire industry would have a standardized measuring system. Some use gauge, some measure in centimeters and others in inches . . . so confusing!

  5. It's like metric and imperial! Unfortunately we have not standardized to one or the other!


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