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Jewelry Made from Unusual Recycled Materials

Noemie Doge's Recycled Football Necklace
The quest to recycle as much unwanted material as possible has led to some extremely creative designs from determined and outstanding eco artisans. Here are more of them to inspire.

Football fans many not recognize the work of Swiss jewelry artisan, Noemie Doge (link no longer available). The hexagon pieces actually come from old footballs from around the world.

There must be a ton of them considering how popular soccer is.  Not all are the traditional black and white colors either.

Noemie Doge's Recycled Football necklaces

Cambodian artisans make these wonderful  handwoven friendship bracelets from recycled plastic bottles. The bracelets are available on Wanderlust for just $5. They must use fiber made from the post-consumer bottles like the process mentioned here. (Links no longer available)

Cambodian Friendship Bracelets

New Yorker, Jacqueline von Tesmar's  JacQ store on Etsy (link no longer available) features vintage ruler bangles. The metal fold-out rulers were made by brand manufacturers such as Craftsman, Stanley and Lufkin.

Image by JacQ

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  1. This morning I saw a braided bracelet made from old shirts cut to strips. I think recycling/upcycling is always a good thing. Why not use stuff we already have and give it a new life?

  2. What unique ideas, making great pieces!


  3. Ohhh, I especially love the ruler bangles! I have a bunch of old measuring tapes in my sewing box, and I think they'd make great chokers. :)

  4. Those Ruler Bangles would be a fantastic gift for a seamstress, quilter, or costumer(like me!). That's an awesome idea!

  5. love the ruler bangles, and the football neckpiece is so very kitsch

  6. Yes, having a ruler on your wrist is sure useful for a lot of crafters.


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