Image by Jack Deutsch
Faux necklaces on outfits are sometimes useful for different reasons.   The sewn or stamped variety on tops and dresses are really wash and wear jewelry!  Consider them also useful for those who are allergic to metal  or who are too little to be wearing bling!

Ronni Nicole designed the sewn bib necklace shown here which is very easy to do with running stitch.  Check out her tips on CraftStylish.  You have to choose the right beads, fabrics and know how to care for the outfit.  I also recommend that beads are checked for color fastness if they are dyed.

Another way to create faux necklaces is to stamp on a beaded necklace onto a tee shirt as shown by Jens Own Road.  This is the perfect jewelry for a toddler.

If you'd rather not stamp, then sew on round appliques to represent beads as Sumo Sweet Stuff did with her Appliqued Onesies tutorial. There is plenty of room for customization like different fabrics and perhaps the addition of fabric bows. She also included a cute appliqued tie version for little guys.


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