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Split rings are much better than jump rings as they are more secure.  But if you use them, then you will find the split ring pliers awfully handy.

Sliding the hook end of one of the jaws in between the coils will keep the later separated.  They sure save nails! But I often use mine for much larger key ring versions.

Here is an awfully good tip I learned from others - use key/split rings to keep zippers up!  No more embarrassing moments.

I tried it out with a pair of jeans.  Once the split ring is attached and the jeans buttoned up, it doesn't show and yet helps keep the zipper up. Pretty cool, huh? Bet you'll never regret buying split ring pliers.

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  1. I have a pair of pants like this. Great idea!*couldn't leave comment on blog - error*

    (via Facebook)

  2. Pearl, this is such a clever idea and I love it when I learn something new.

    I think we have all owned a pair of slacks or jeans that had a slippery zipper which always worked its way open. This is such a great yet simple solution, thanks for passing it on to us. :)

    (re: Lys comment ... Not sure why but it seems there have been a lot of blog problems lately regardless of who the blog server is. Maybe it is just internet overload ?)

  3. I must have every pair of pliers under the sun. I have never even seen those though!

  4. What a great idea! Great problem solver.

  5. What a great idea. Thanks again Pearl.

  6. I love my split-ring pliers--not just for my jewelry projects, but for my key ring and for the dogs' tags on their harnesses.

    What a fabulous idea for the slippery zipper! I used a folded rubber band run through the hole in the zipper pull and hooked on the button. Every time I used the ladies room, I had to fiddle with the rubber band to get it back through the zipper pull. I stopped wearing those jeans because of the aggravation. Tomorrow I'm adding a split ring and I can wear my favorite jeans again! Thank You!


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